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A Woman A Destroyer (2008)

Concept album about a woman who destroys men. Simple as that?

Thin Creepies (2009)

What an awful mess.

Forever Need (2010)

The system sinks.

The Chariot (2012)


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Christiana Joy


Christiana Joy Cranberry was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1973. Her first memories of feeling passionate about music was for the song Car Wash off a KTEL "Solid Gold Hits" release. She then moved on to New Edition and The Ghostbusters soundtrack before finding breakdancing and the first and second wave of hip hop that followed suit. Until sixth grade when her older brother played her Dead Kennedy's "Fresh Fruit For The Rotting Vegetables". It was like a window opening and she readily fell out of it. She also began listening to Pink Floyd and The Flaming Lips first e.p. Skateboarding would be her pastime of choice during these very formative years. She started a Flipper wannabe band called Hate Party U.S.A., who played handful of shows (mostly parties) and sold several hundred t-shirts. Christiana's foray into goth-rock and roots goth music, 4AD style chamber music, psychedelia, and fuzz rock in junior high and high school. she then opened her ears to more experimental grindcore & hardcore acts emerging i.e. Neurosis, Nausea, and European acts such as Contrapoterre, Rattus and Negazione. After Hate Party and during these years, she sang for The Generics, for a short stint before forming Staunch with Scott Brashears, a cofounder of Hate Party. The band Staunch followed more in line with Neurosis's "Pain Of Mind" era. The band then formed an allegiance with another local OKC group Misanthropic and started the seminal Oklahoma crust band Hate Farm featuring Aurora IL, band P.E.N. vocalist Drunkrock John. When Hate Farm broke up after a disastrous west coast tour, at loose ends, Christiana began squatting/couch surfing in Norman, OK, Dallas and Austin, TX, Seattle and Minneapolis. she finally settled in Lawrence, KS in 1998 and has remained there since. She has taken several jobs in food service and was an artisan baker for two years until becoming the floor manager of Blue Collar Press, overseeing t

Christiana Joy Cranberry: Keyboard, guitar, bass, vocals, drums, euphonium, concertina, theremins.




Completed Albums

A Woman A Destroyer(2008)

Concept album about a woman who destroys men. Simple as that?

Woman Bourne From Pain & Fear   Download
Fever Dream (Behind A Locked Door)   Download
My Removal   Download
Like Cracking   Download
Solace   Download
Put Out   Download
In Open View   (preferred)   Download
I'm Killing Him   Download
Dont Cry Because You're Dead   Download
Will My Destroyer Hold My Hand   Download
Removal Reprise   Download

Thin Creepies(2009)

What an awful mess.

Syphilopolis   (preferred)   Download
Spackle Plaster Bubbles   Download
The Dead Workers   Download
Disinterest   Download
Up Front   Download
Americanistan   Download
Tent City   Download
Stressful Hobbies (Including The End Of The World)   Download
Big Irony   Download
Fuckfinder   Download
(...)   Download

Forever Need(2010)

The system sinks.

I Dig   Download
A Tree's Analysis   Download
Trump Changed   Download
Timed Out   (preferred)   Download
Blisster   Download
Everything's Lost   Download
A Proper Burial   Download
Dick Admits   Download
Reeling Inn   Download
Trouble Brewing   Download
Olde Time Politiks   Download

The Chariot(2012)


No tracks have been uploaded for this album yet.